Rishabh Jain

CA JS JOHAR is one of the best human being I have met in my young life so far. He sees the problem from the student’s perspective which gives a high degree of comfort to student. He carries very mature mind on young shoulders with heavy load of experience. His classes are very comfortable which makes learning very easy. I would thanks CA JS JOHAR sir for his support and guidance.

Deepti Thakur

CA JS Johar Sir has a vast reservoir of knowledge for the subject of Taxation. His style of teaching is good which has excellent combination of theory and practical questions. Book provided by CA JS Johar Sir is sufficient for any student to achieve good marks. My wholehearted thanks to CA JS Johar Sir.

Priyanka Aggarwal

He is the best teacher I have ever known. Being a practicing Chartered Accountant he has excellent practical knowledge which he shares with his students in his class. He is very co-operative and a superb human being. I am very thankful to him and no words are not sufficient to express my gratitude towards him.

Amandeep Singh

Guidance given by CA JS Johar Sir was excellent. Notes are excellent, your concepts are very good. As far as your book is concerned, it is a complete package in itself, covering all peculiar question! Thanks for all your support and guidance! Thanks a lot.

Radhika Goel

The way of teaching of CA JS Johar Sir is very nice. He makes each and everything very easy by using examples from daily life with the help of which we can learn the topic in the class room itself. The notes and books provides by Sir are excellent, there is no need to consult any book and in my opinion CA JS Johar Sir is the best teacher of income tax for IPCC level in Delhi.

Hemant Tiyagi

We see Tax Guru on TV Chanel but in class we get to see live a Tax Guru in the form of CA JS Johar Sir. The way he teaches us is very simple & great. He goes to such depths of taxation that one is just mesmerized. Classroom notes are enough to score good marks and we need not refer any other book.

Anil Gupta

CA JS Johar Sir is the best teacher in tax. He is very helping and gives due care to every student. He has the answer for every question of every student. I respect him a lot for being a good human and an excellent teacher. His coaching is very good, knowledge is very good and class notes are more than enough to qualify exams.