Income tax book

Income Tax Book

Publisher Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.
Edition 3rd edn, 2019
ISBN 978-93-5139-6505
Year 2019

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This book Includes over 1350 MCQs, Useful for CA Inter

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Chapter 1       Introduction, Basic Concepts and Definitions under Income Tax Act, 1961

                        MCQs from Introduction and Definitions

Chapter 2       Residential Status & Tax Incidence


Chapter 3       Concept & Calculation of Income Tax


Chapter 4       Agricultural Income & Its Tax Treatment


Chapter 5       Income under the Head Salary


Chapter 6       Income under Head House Property


Chapter 7       Income under the Head ‘Profits and Gains from Business and Profession’ (PGBP)

                        MCQs of PGBP

Chapter 8       Income under the Head ‘Capital Gains’

                        MCQs on Capital Gains

Chapter 9       Income under the Head ‘Other Sources’


Chapter 10     Clubbing of Incomes


Chapter 11     Set Off of Losses and Carry Forward of Losses

                        MCQs of the Chapter of Treatment of Losses

Chapter 12     Deductions from Gross Total Income (Chapter VIA of Income Tax Act, 1961)

                        MCQs from Chapter of Deductions

Chapter 13     Incomes which are Exempt from Income Tax

                        MCQs of Exempted Incomes

Chapter 14     Procedure of Filing of Income Tax Returns

                        MCQs of Income Tax Return

Chapter 15     Tax Deducted at Source

                        MCQs on TDS

Chapter 16     Advance Payment of Tax and Interest Payable by Assessee

                        MCQs on Advance Payment of Tax

Chapter 17     Assessment of Individuals