Advance Accounting

  • 45 session portion completed (including AS) in 11 sessions in each group
  • Exclusive Batches only for AS in 11 sessions in each group
  • Conceptual Theory Notes with Steps, Diagrams and Charts
  • Entire Video Lecture schedule provided before the class starts
  • 225+ Questions Solved
  • HD Quality Video Lecture

Effective Query Management

Objectives of CA InterĀ  Adv. Accounts studying in Gyan Gurucull virtual/video classes by Deepak sir

The course is tailored for students who aspire to become Chartered Accountants. The course aims to guide students to understand concepts in depth and the applications of the concepts, to enable students to acquire sound technical skills in Accountancy which is the prime subject in the CA course. Since the examination of Accounts is on the first day it holds special importance, therefore the students cannot a chance in the paper of Accounting(Group I Paper I). By studying through gyan gurucullĀ online/Pen drive It also aims to develop personality, leadership and communication skills of our students, which are essential for professionals. At the end of the course a student will acquire:

  • Experiential learning
  • Right mix of theory and practical experience
  • Higher level thinking skills
  • Domain expertise
  • Holistic development

Advance Accounting (New Syllabus)

  • Chapter 1: Application of Accounting Standards
  • Chapter 2: Application of Guidance Notes
  • Chapter 3: Accounting for Employee Stock Option Plans
  • Chapter 4: Buy Back of Securities and Equity Shares with Differential Right
  • Chapter 5: Underwriting of Shares and Debentures
  • Chapter 6: Amalgamation of Companies
  • Chapter 7: Accounting for Reconstruction of Companies
  • Chapter 8: Accounting for Liquidation of Companies
  • Chapter 9: Insurance Companies
  • Chapter 10: Banking Companies
  • Chapter 11: Non-Banking Financial Companies
  • Chapter 12: Mutual Funds
  • Chapter 13: Valuation of Goodwill
  • Chapter 14: Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Accounting Pronouncements
    • Part I: Accounting Standards
    • Part II: Guidance Notes