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Students Must Put Forward Their One Step To Learn We Will Always Hold Their Hands To Educate In Best Possible Way By Support And Care Bhawana Tanwar (Semi Qualified CS, M.A, B.A(Economics)) Teaching Experience:- 7 Years Teaching Areas:- CA/CS/CMA/LLB/B.Com Subjects:- Law, Business Correspondence & Reporting. 

  1. The Indian Contract Act, 1872 : An overview of Sections 1 to 75 covering the general nature of contract, consideration, other essential elements of a valid contract, performance of contract, breach of contract, Contingent and Quasi Contract.
  2. The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 : Formation of the contract of sale, Conditions and Warranties,Transfer of ownership and delivery of goods, Unpaid seller and his rights.
  3. The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 : General Nature of Partnership, Rights and duties of partners, Reconstitution of firms, Registration and dissolution of a firm.
  4. The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 : Introduction-covering nature and scope, Essential features, characteristics of LLP, Incorporation and differences with other forms of organizations.
  5. The Companies Act, 2013 : Essential features of company, corporate veil theory, Classes of companies, types of share capital, Incorporation of company, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Doctrine of Indoor Management.
Note: If new legislations are enacted in place of the existing legislations, the syllabus would include the corresponding provisions of such new legislations with effect from dates notified by the Institute.