Ans.Yes. The book is self sufficient and it is written with the principle "WHAT STUDENT OF CA SHOULD STUDY RATHER WHAT HE WANTS TO STUDY".
Ans.No book is required to be purchased from the market. We will provide you a free book authored by Jassprit S Johar.
Ans.Yes. We take pride in accepting this honour that our classes are the only classes in whole DELHI where many latest cases of the honourable Supreme Court and various High Courts are discussed and their practical impact is made to understand to students.
Ans.Yes. We have well prepared data bank of more than 700 solved questions. All these are compiled in a book called “WORK BOOK”. This book contains, apart from many other questions, all latest questions of CA & B.Com examination.

Yes. The Income Tax book is designed in such a manner that all latest amendments are discussed at all relevant places in the book itself. This helps students to easily co-relate the provisions of current assessment year and provisions for the next assessment year.Further, special assignment for amendments is prepared and is distributed among all students without any additional charge. These amendments do generally carry weightage of 10-15 marks in CA-PCC / IPCC examination.

Ans.Yes. Jassprit S Johar is a qualified Chartered Accountant and passes his experience about CA examination to all his students. During lectures he keeps on giving tips on how to prepare a chapter for examination, how to study for examinations, how much time to devote on a particular chapter and so on. 
Ans.Yes. We have well designed LMRP (Last Minute Revision Paper) which can be acquired from our classes on the payment of prescribed fees for the same. This paper helps in the last minute revision and boosts the confidence which is badly needed just before the examination.
Ans.Yes. Students can directly talk to Jassprit S Johar for their doubts even after the completion of batch. If any student wishes to meet and then get his doubts cleared then a special doubt session is arranged for the benefit of students. Students can also be in touch with Jassprit S Johar through this site for removal of doubts.
Ans.Students who are doing B.Com(H) as well as CA are benefited a lot from our classes, since their course for B.Com(H) also gets fully covered during classes for CA-PCC/IPCC and for which there are no ADDITIONAL CHARGES.
Ans.We devote 150 hours for detailed discussion and exhaustive coverage for CA-PCC/IPCC level. Coverage and knowledge of the subject given in our class is unparallel.
Ans.Our classes are very well planned and students, in the very first class are told about the number of hours that will be devoted to each topic for the exhaustive coverage. By doing this exact date of completion of course is also given to students so that they can plan their other classes and studies for CA-PCC/IPCC. You can see the exact date of completion of batch on the link given on the home page for UPCOMING BATCHES.
Ans.Yes. It is advisable for all students to join batch of our Income Tax classes at the earliest. This is so because Income Tax is toughest subject in CA-PCC/IPCC level which requires thorough revision and devotion of time. Students can do revision by attending batches even after completing their course. Further we also arrange classes for all the latest amendments for various assessment years.