Astha Mongia
Taxation despite being a vast subject was made much easy by the perfect way of instruction and study material I received from Gyan Gurucull. I Thank thank Jaspreet sir and Gyan Gurucull Team for making such an achievement possible for me.. without their constant support and guidance I would not have been able realise to my dream.
CA JS Johar Sir is one of the best teachers I have seen in my life so far. He is a real pool of knowledge, he is true inspiration who guides us on the right way. His way of teaching, attitude towards students is different from any other teacher in the industry. He makes things really simple. His notes are world class. He leaves no room for any doubt or confusion. He is a great human and sees his students as his friends. He creates such kind of atmosphere in the class which is very supportive and inspiring. I loved studying tax from him. He is a true hero and has a major role in getting me the first rank. I again thank him for his knowledge, support,motivation and inspiration given to me.
Chavi Jain
Here is someone who knows where he is going and won't stop until he gets there. Here is someone who knows not only what he wants from life but also what he has to offer in return. Here is someone who can be successful and self confident without losing his ability to be understanding and compassionate. Here is someone who is perfect, punctual, fabulous and packed with knowledge. Here is someone who is updated with all the sections, cases & amendments. Here is someone with the power punch and he is Jassprit Sir.
Anupam Saraf
Jassprit sir is an excellent teacher in field of taxation. Don't go to any teacher just by his NAME but by his effort in teaching. He teaches every topic to the minute detail and helps in concept building. He is always ready to solve any query . For students who requires proper guidance and advice in CA, should go to him.
Sumit Arora
The most notorious of its kind. Jassprit Sir is not only better in the bunch but he is best on the earth for sure. I can say this because i still remember those days when i used to intentially put alarm on my mobile in the class of other teachers so that they and the class gets disturbed but on the other hand due to the aura of Jassprit Sir and super solid intensity of his class i used to keep my mobile off. Nobody has been able to do that to me in my 15 years of academic carrear. HATS OFF TO HIM.